Wednesday, November 4, 2009

POP bullshit

I picked up the last POP magazine of newsstands for the first time. Being new to the fashion world, I am trying to figure out which publications I dig most. I have not found any fashion magazine to be perfect. I am working on a list, which I will publicize at some point.

For now, all I can say is that there is this phenomenon in the fashion world that is a little hideous: People try to interpret too much into clothes. Too often have I watched clips on where so called crtics stand in front of the camera and interpret the biggest none sense into a collection, trying to make sense of it on a level it was never intended for. Why can't they just take the clothes for what they are:Beautiful.

On a similar note, I have found the shown article in the last POP magazine. Can ANYONE tell me what the following is supposed to mean:

The human being I no longer the pre-historic creature in a post-modern environment: ours is a post-historic, meta-modern world in which the very nature of change is ever changing. In which what’s done is undone. Meaning as we know it is no more tangible than a white deer of the desert in the headlights.

Are you fucking shitting me? Come on POP you can do better. Who wants to read so much POP Plato?

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