Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nr. 1

Here we go. My very first blog entry ever. Entry Nr. 1. I cannot say it has been widely anticipated, because as of now I am the only one that knows of this blog. 

What it will morph into or why I am writing it is unclear and unrefined as of now. I have no clue what I will do with it, whether it will have a clearly defined "raison d'etre," or rather be all over the place. Funny enough that is quite similar to how I presently feel about myself and my purpose. Indeed, maybe that is why I am taking a stab at blogging. Trust me, I am the last person you would expect to blog. Mainly I suppose, I want a channel to direct my thoughts through, a channel that can be ignored or respected by my peers alike.

Vaguely defined, it will be fashion and lifestyle blog. We (I hope to be able to add some contributors to the roster at some point) shall praise, critique, and flat out destroy elements in the fashion scene. We will probably also take a stab at music, film, and art here and there. 

I am a rather cynical, pessimistic, and harsh person (working on that hard core), so I pardon myself in advance for any views that may offend people. I will try to balance the good and bad.

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